Thursday, 18 October 2007

Steps M.G to N

Finally, I am onto the second sheet of instructions! Yay! Although it is looking much more like a house now, I have to say that sometimes the amount of work left to do is a bit overwhelming. It seems like every time I move the house I see another slot that needs to be filled, or another gap that will need to be covered.

I had to skip Steps M.J.4 to M.M for now, because I realised that if I was going to light the house, then I needed to install the attic lights before I put on the roof . I haven't used tape wire because I didn't wallpaper, but I am hoping to use conventional wire for lighting and hide it behind furniture, inside the mansard roof and down the outside of the house under clapboard. In the picture, you can see the ceiling I made for the attic out of foamcore. So I have to wait until Sunday, when my dh is going to drive me to Maple Street (a big dollshouse shop outside Cambridge) to get some lights. Meanwhile I have been getting on with installing the second floor stairway.

Step M.G (Chimney)- this is now all installed, with the cut down chimney treated with a fake stone product by Bromley (UK supplier). Can you spot the not-deliberate mistake here? Perhaps if you look back at the last post and compare the picture of the mocked up chimney with this one? Yes, the instructions say to insert the chimney through the roof piece before gluing on the chunky top trim. I did it for the original mock-up, then completely forgot to do it for the finished product. So I will be performing some surgery on the roof piece to fit it around the already-in-place chimney.

Step M.H (Front Dormer Barrel Roof): This went together fine apart from the slot in the Mansard Cornice that the Barrel Roof Support Top/Right should fit into was a good 1/4" out of line with the front wall. I had to cut a new slot. Don't know if this is my construction or the kit's fault.

The Barrel Roof fit on quite well, and in the picture you can see I have wedged a bit of scrap wood to hold the roof tightly against its support.

Step M.J (Mansard Roof supports): These are straightforward, apart from the instructions referring to fitting them in the "remaining four slots on right and left sides and front". They are only on the right and left sides, they don't go on the front. Then I had to skip the rest of this step while I wait for the lights.

Step N. (Second Floor Staircase). This went together far more easily than the main staircase. I am going to stain all of the parts when the glue dries.

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Sandie said...

You did a great job with the barrel roof - that looked difficult.