Monday, 22 April 2013

What's in a name?

As part of the house packing process, I've been cleaning out my desk and I found the slip of paper where I was jotting down possible business names for my Willowcrest quilting and knitting shop.  The name was waiting for the construction process to finish, and will go up on the front of the house and on a folding board in the garden.

I was wondering: 'where can I put this list of names so that I can find it again when we eventually unpack?' and realised the best place to put it was on this blog!

So here are the possibilities so far:

  • Willowcrest Quilts and Knits
  • Quilter's General Store
  • Willowcrest Quilts and Yarn
  • Quilter's Junction
  • Quilter's Corner
  • Quilter's Cottage
  • The Quilter's Mercantile
  • Quilter's Rest
  • Quilter's Crossing
  • The Quilted Sheep
None of them particularly original, I know.  I think my favourites at the moment are 'The Quilted Sheep' and 'Willowcrest Quilts and Knits' although the latter seems a bit dull.

What do you think?