Sunday, 14 October 2007

Shopping & Prepping (steps L-M)

I had a great time yesterday at the Dorking Demo Day - this is an event put on by the Dorking Dollshouse Club which features several round table makes and some great sales tables. I managed to spend all the money I took with me, but I picked up about 10 really cheap bookshelves to be the shelves for my store. It is a mixture of cheap white wood furniture, and simple shelves that I think the club members had made themselves as a fundraiser, and they were all between £1.50 and £3 so I did really well.
When I got home, I raided my own stash of spare furniture to find all my own spare tables and shelving units, then had a lovely time playing with arranging the furniture in my future shop. I also picked up some baseboards, crown moulding, and some great right angle molding to cover up some of those tabs and slots.

Meanwhile, I have been spending a lot of time punching out the pieces for Steps L through to M/E, sanding, spraying, gesso, paint, zzzzzzzzzzzzz...... this is getting tedious. After carefully studying the picture, I think that the Bay Roof Trims in Step L are actually the final trim on these projecting bays. So before I glue them on, I have prepped them and painted them white, and I have painted the 'roof' of the bays with a mixture of black paint / glue / sand to give a textured 'flat roof' look. Likewise, the Mansard Cornice and Mansard Cornice Trim in Step M-C looks like it will be at least partially on show in the final product, so I have prepped them for painting. I haven't painted them yet because it looks like they will be built up in layers with some other pieces later. I can't wait to start gluing things on to build the house up more, but I am trying to control my impatience and do a good job on the painting - hopefully it is going to save time and awkward-reaching-into-the-house in the long run. I'm hoping to get to the fun part - the gluing - tonight.

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Sandie said...

Great buys! Isn't it inspiring to be able to get an idea of how things will look inside the shop? Good on you for being patient and persevering with the prep work.