Saturday, 4 February 2017

Slow progress

I had intended to get enough done for the Willowcrest last week to put together another post, but instead a cold virus came my way and I spent several days plonked in front of the telly trying not to move because everything hurt.  I am now on the mend and back at work, although still coughing and sniffing like many of my colleagues around me. Which is probably where I caught the virus in the first place.

Before I went sick, I had painted several pairs of scissors, a couple of irons and a telephone. I'm not very happy with the irons, the castings are quite rough and the resulting paint job rather crude.

The telephone went into the knitting shop so they can keep in touch with customers. The black handled scissors have gone onto the cutting table in the quilt shop, and the irons have been partially hidden towards the rear of the workshop  so you can't see them too closely.  The orange handled scissors and the gold needlework scissors have been stuck on card for use in a shop display that I am contemplating.

I had a couple of empty shelves under the bay window.

I had a bag of fabric sample squares from long ago, and I found that if I ironed them into quarters, they looked about the right size for 1/12th scale. So I selected groups of four toning squares and ironed them into quarters, then set the folds by smearing a little tacky glue into each fold and ironing them again so that they were nice and flat and not too 'poofy'. Then I glued them into stacks of four. I made labels on the computer and then folded a strip of plastic cut from a magazine wrapper around each stack.  This filled up the shelves nicely.

I put one on the cash desk with some other fabric purchases someone is making, also ironed with tacky glue to flatten them.  I've stuck down another phone to the right of the till, and filled a little basket with thread spools made from segments of painted cocktail stick with punched circles for ends, left over from a Lisa Engler kit.

I'm off to the City of London dollshouse festival tomorrow so I will keep my eyes open for anything that might work well for the Willowcrest.


Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Sus trabajos de fundición se ven muy bien, pase buen fin de semana en Londres:-)

Elizabeth S said...

You have found the Perfect way to fill the counter shelves and to round out the purchases as well! I LOVE these added details of the phones placed where they are needed and the scissors and such where they can be accessed.
I KNOW that you'll be not only having fun at the London Show but I expect that you'll find more lovely things than you think!
Even so, what a lovely way to not think about your lingering cold symptoms!

The grandmommy said...

It all look great! I especially like the fat quarters!