Saturday, 21 January 2017

Now I have a deadline

So it's been over a year since this house was unpacked. In the meantime I haven't been completely inactive with dollshousing.  I've put together this Real Good Toys porch kit and modified it to fit my oldest house.

and I did a scratch build 'fantasy shed' project for a group display by my dollshouse club.

 But now I have a deadline.  My dollshouse club summer outing, which is normally to a shop in the area, will this year be coming to my house to see my collection. Eeek! So I have until early July to finish (or hide) all my ongoing projects.

The Willowcrest, while largely finished, has never had the interiors completely sorted out.  Issues like dolls and furniture not fixed down yet has led to scenes such as this, with mayhem and empty shelves.

Meanwhile for several years I've been chucking things into a box labelled 'Willowcrest' that I thought might find a place in the quilting/knitting shops.  The first job was to unpack the box, when it became apparent that I would need another Willowcrest to fit everything in.

This triggered another bout of procrastination as I didn't know where to start.

So I have started small, nibbling away at small projects.

I put together three Model Villages kits for display stands.

Then I filled up the lefthand display stand with fabric and used it to help fill up one of the empty display units in the quilting shop.  This  unit got fixed into the right hand corner as you look in the back.  The display of lavender products on the top shelf is from a long ago online workshop. The bag is one I handsewed years ago using a tiny Log Cabin foundation pattern.

I had collected various laser cut wooden signs, so I gave them a paint job and fixed them in.

I had previously set up the righthand shop window display for the knitting shop, so it just needed a bit of repair to fix things down again.  But the lefthand matching display for the quilting shop had been empty for years.

I decided I needed to break off a couple of shelves to make more room for display items, then I looked through my collected stock to choose/adapt items to fill the shelves.

That looks better.

The cat decided she had better investigate this large box that I was spending so much time with.

I will keep plugging away. I've still got empty shelves to fill and more decoration to add.  I did cut out a number of paper 'quilts' and added them to the inside of the porch above the entrance. That's what real quilt shops are like, colour and pattern everywhere.

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Elizabeth S said...

There is nothing like a Deadline to light a fire under you feet, so how Wonderful that it has spurred you on to getting your Willowcrest quilt shop back in business!
Your signs, and display quilts within the various departments of your shop are what makes a store like yours worth visiting. I LOVE the layers of fabric and sewing accessories which give an atmosphere of life and vitality and provides the 'LOOKIE-LOOS" with something to linger over and marvel at!
I Love it All! :D