Sunday, 3 October 2010

To quote Monty Python: "I'm not dead yet!"

Despite the temporary abandonment while I build my Fairfield, I have not given up on the Willowcrest.  And today while I was at Miniatura, the biggest dollshouse fair in the UK (I think), I snagged a few more accoutrements for it. Plus we went to the big Dollshouse Emporium shop in Ripley, where I picked up a few others.

The two woven silk rugs, from Dollshouse Emporium, are intended for children's rooms but will make great quilts to display in the Willowcrest quilt shop.  I may cut down the 'applique' quilt into two smaller cot quilts.

The advertising sign board is a kit from Model Village Miniatures, who were also selling the tiny knitted teddy in the corner of the picture.  The knitted teddy, and the cute 1/24th scale fair isle sweater from another stand (being sold off for only £5!!!) will go in the knitting shop on the upper floor.

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Great additons.