Saturday, 23 May 2009

Finally some work on this house

I apologise to anyone who has been wondering what's happening with my Willowcrest. For several months it was bundled into my bedroom and pretty inaccessible, so didn't really get worked on. But I have now converted the end of my living room into a dollshouse display area using old kitchen cabinets, and most of my bigger houses are now on view and accessible for being worked on. So I've finally done a bit more work on the Willowcrest.

In the customer bathroom I 'frosted' the window glass by stippling it with Fabric Mod Podge quite thickly. Once dry it looks amazingly like frosted glass.

Inside I mounted a wall shelf accessorised with pretty 'bottles' and spare toilet roll, and added an ornamental 'liquid soap' container to the sink. I still haven't decided what I will do with the under-stairs closet - it may be a stockroom eventually, or I may just conceal it with a curtain.

In the knitting shop I have added lots more knitting on display including some pieces that I bought at the London Kensington Dollshouse Festival (like the lace shawl in the window), and generally given it a tidy up. There are still some empty shelves I need to fill with books and accessories. I haven't taken a picture but I also stuck some knitting out on the walls of the stair landing, where customers would see them as they came upstairs.

Still loads to do on this house, on the ground floor quilt shop and on the top floor workshop area.

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Sandie said...

I love your display area in the living room - how good to have the houses there. And I also love what you've done with the Willowcrest. The knitting/workshop area is a great idea, the knitting shop is looking wonderful and the bathroom is perfect for customers and staff alike. The under stairs area sounds perfect for stock to me.