Sunday, 4 March 2012

'Quilted' jacket

Today I made a 'quilted' jacket to hang on a wire mannequin form that I bought some years ago for this purpose. Quilting shops usually have quilted garments on display so I knew that I wanted one for my shop.

This is one of those cheap white-painted-wire constructions, but I like the base and the mannequin pivots on the central stem.

I spray painted it silver by wedging a pen into the neck as a temporary holder.

I have a collection of fabrics that look like miniature quilts, which I put together a few years ago knowing I would need lots of 'quilts' for this shop.  I chose one with miniature Lone Stars to use a feature on the back panel of the jacket, and one that looks like small piecing.  The pattern is from 'Making and Dressing Dollshouse dolls' by Sue Atkinson, and is a boxier version of the Ladies' basic bodice pattern plus I reduced the fullness on the sleeves.  I assembled the back panel by gluing the small pieced fabric around the Lone Star.

I added some patch pockets cut from a third 'quilty' fabric. The hems are glued, but the shoulder and side seams are stitched on the machine using a short stitch length.

Of course, now that I've loaded the pictures onto the computer, now I see that the jacket had slipped to one side on the mannequin before I took the photo.  Grrrr.

And here's a picture looking in the front door of the shop - excuse the flash, I took this in the evening and there wasn't sufficient natural light.


Mini Minnie said...

It looks so good in the doorway, you made a super job of it!

Which glue do you use on your fabric?

Sandie said...

The fabrics are really effective aren't they, and you certainly did a great job of stitching it together. The quilt shop will be lovely.