Friday, 1 August 2008

What's happening?

Sorry about the long silence - my momentum has slowed to a crawl the last few months. I never thought that when I set up in our kitchen back in October, that the house would still be here nine months later. Luckily my family are being very supportive about it - they are so used to it being there now that I think it just blends into the general clutter.

I have been making a few furniture kits up for the shops, which I have blogged at my other blog here. I've also continued to wind dozens of balls of wool and have now filled all the displays in the yarn shop.

So the yarn shop is pretty much finished apart from more signage and accessories, and it is time to start creating fabric bolts for the quilt shop. Again, I want to go for a very well stocked look - I think a lot of dollshouse shops fall down because there isn't enough stock to be realistic - real shops are usually pretty crowded with goods for sale.
Dijon UK are having a 50% off sale this week and I have sent off for a modern sink to go in the office (what is normally the kitchen in the Willowcrest). I already have some cool fridge magnets that look like a photocopier and a filing cabinet.

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Sandie said...

Lovely kits and you have done them so beautifully. I know too well the tedious business of winding enough spools to make things look realistic - I started to do threads for a thread display and the difficulty of getting them the same size, let alone doing a large enough range of colours, got to me in the end. They are still sitting there (I can't bear to throw them out) and I decided to do a quarter scale shop instead. And it is proving quite an exercise to get the range of fabrics to fill the shelves in that.