Saturday, 29 August 2015

Two and a half year old dust bunnies

[introductory explanation pasted in from my other dollshouse blog, in case you only read this one]

It feels very strange to be clicking 'new post' on this blog after such a long hiatus. If you follow my main blog, you know that moving house took us a heck of a lot longer than I ever expected. Meanwhile my dollshouses, including the Willowcrest, went into self-storage, then into professional removers' storage while we were renting, then came up on a big truck a few months after we bought our new house, and since then they have been filling up our utility room and kicking around in the basement.

I've been trying to create a room in the cellar for the dollshouses since January, but at first I was trying to buy secondhand kitchen cabinets on eBay with no luck at all.  I gave up on that in July when I spotted a 40% off sale at a big DIY store. I was able to buy the cabinets I wanted, and flatpacked so that we could bring them home in the car without having to hire a van. I used the money I saved towards buying worktops, and the fitter who installed our real kitchen came and installed the cabinets last weekend.  Since then I've been painting the rest of the room, and today I finally started unwrapping dollshouses.

At first I couldn't even remember which house was in this box!

But once I got down to the bubblewrap, I realised it was the Willowcrest.

There it is! And to my embarrassment, it's incredibly dusty with two and a half year old dust. Obviously I didn't take the time to clean it off before I packed it back in 2013.  Ooops!  I've given it a bit of a brush with a soft paintbrush, but will need to get the hoover (vacuum) out eventually when I get time.

Top floor workshop wasn't too bad, just had to right some chairs, put the ironing board back in place, and stick down a few accessories

Oh, oh. We seem to have a drunk woman trashing the knitting shop.

Bathroom was fine, most of the stuff was stuck down.

Workshop was a bit trashed, too many loose items.  I've sorted it out a bit but it needs more attention.

On display on the counter

I've also spent several hours going through boxes of kits, dolls, purchases and accessories, and found many things that were intended for the Willowcrest.  So once I get my workshop set up, I definitely need to give the house some attention and try to finish everything.

Nice to see it again!