Saturday, 24 September 2011

It's Miniatura time!

Yes, it was Miniatura time again, which embarrassingly seems to be the only time I blog on here.  But I've pretty much finished up my Fairfield build, so perhaps I will be able to continue with the Willowcrest when I get more time to do minis again.

Anyway, I had a lovely day up at the NEC in Birmingham, going around one of the UK's largest miniatures fairs.  I was mainly looking for 1:24th scale accessories for the Fairfield, but I ended up getting several things for the Willowcrest.

I was pleased to find all of these modern resin figures, including two that are actually knitting!!  They were on the Jennifer's of Walsall stand.  Normally I only see figures in Victorian costume, but these will make great customers for the store, and the knitters can go into the 'knitters' corner' on the top floor workshop area.  The man with the coffee cup might go behind the counter and be staff, although I need to make him look a bit older as he looks far too young to even be drinking coffee, much less working in a store. I also got the little vacuum cleaner there, because stores usually have those to clean up with at the end of the day.

I made most of my bolts of fabric for my quilt shop myself, but I couldn't resist being lazy and buying some more from Shepherd Miniatures, as well as the basket of fat quarter fabric pieces.

The 'No Smoking' and 'Private' signs are for the shop, as is the solid oak footstool which was an astonishingly cheap .80p from a stand selling mainly Tudor furniture. 

The kits at the front for three display stands and a knitting bag are all from Model Village Miniatures, who don't have a website but they do mail order and here are their details:

I got some other nice things for other houses, which are on my main blog here.